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Fees & Funding


Standard Fee:

If you are employed full-time, buy coffee everyday and eat out once a week then you can afford to pay the standard fee, especially if receiving a Medicare rebate.

Reduced Fees:

If paying the standard fee would mean not being able to attend as regularly as needed to achieve optimal health, please let Abby know so we can discuss a reduced fee (see table below). 


Online (Zoom, etc)

Online video meetings are now available under any funding.

Types of Funding

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate you will need a referral from a GP who will complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan and provide a referral letter.  These must be completed prior to your first appointment with me.  


So, your first steps would be:

  1. Book a 30-min appointment to see your GP 

  2. Tell them you want a Mental Health Care Plan to see me.  They will ask you some questions, give you a couple of questionnaires, and give you, 1) a referral letter, and 2) a copy of your Plan

  3. Email me your referral

  4. Bring the referral with you; Medicare will not pay a rebate if you do not have a recent Plan and provide a referral letter.

The APS has a fact sheet here.

Private Billing

If you do not wish to or are not eligible to access services via a Mental Health Treatment Plan then you may need to pay your own fees without a government rebate.  If this would be difficult for you please email me to discuss a reduced fee.


Health Insurance

Most private health insurers offer rebates on psychological services under extras or ancillary cover. Rebates vary depending on your level of cover.  I am registered with most insurers. Please let me know if I am not registered with your insurer (ask them) and I will fill out the necessary forms to make this happen.

Victims of Crime (NSW)

I am a Specialist Counsellor with NSW Victims Services, so if your issue relates to a violent crime (such as assault, domestic violence, child or adult sexual assault) committed in New South Wales, your counselling may be paid for by NSW Victims Services. 

Although I love to work with Victims of Crime, I can't afford to keep my books open to people under this scheme all the time. If you want to enquire about VoC counselling, feel free to message me to see when this may be available. 

Please see their website here with links to the application form.

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