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Not drowning... waving.

There have been times that I have been mauled by the black dog of depression (and harrangued by the grey meercat of anxiety) and I've seen many others struggle to feel joy, hope, or purpose. Navigating emotions, friends, family - life - can be particularly difficult to deal with life when you're young.

So when I was invited to the Laps for Life campaign raising money for ReachOut, I thought, "Yes. They do really good work*. Plus, I'm unfit and lugging around 4 or 5 extra kilos".

So in March I'll be joining my colleagues at Rozelle Total Health and swimming 10 kilometres or more to raise some dough. Plus donating some myself. Plus, getting fitter. If you want to sit on your ass and feel good, feel free to donate some tax deductible dosh to the cause here.

Or, if you would like to dive in, get a boost to your mental health, feel good, and get fitter, sign up yourself! Don't think you can make it? Fear you'd struggle to keep your head above water? That's the metaphor though, isn't it?

No obligations, of course. Just a little invitation to help.


*Early in my psychology career I ran a youth suicide prevention service and became aware of the excellent work of Reachout ( I directed quite a few people to their excellent resources that were developmentally accessible and relatable.

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