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Guided Relaxations

Essential for learning how to manage stress and anxiety. These two high quality, guided relaxations recorded by me (Clinical Psychologist, Dr Jack Dunphy) involve progressive muscle relaxation and abdominal breathing, which are evidence-based techniques for managing stress and anxiety.  They are identical except for the addition of relaxing, ambient music. 

Coupon: This costs less than a cup of coffee or a beer; if you use this meditation medication once a day for 10 days and don't get at least 10 cups of coffee / glasses of beer worth of value, I will gladly refund you. But if you want you can use a coupon at checkout that makes these FREE. What? Ridiculous, I know. Just copy/paste the code 'ItCostsJack' at checkout.  

Interesting Note: I put this stone balancing arch together using river stones.  These techniques will help you achieve difficult tasks with calmness, poise, and patience.

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